Melanie Pappadis Faranello

Publications + Awards



Connotation Press“Airways” (Featured writer and interview)


Adelaide Literary Magazine“Everybody Needs Something”

Adelaide’s Literary Anthology, (Best of 2017) “Just Fine”

Contrary Magazine“Don’t Forget to Say Hello”

The Ampersand Review“Lucky Penny”

Requited Journal“Newborn Eyes”

Postcard Shorts,“Breathe, Just Breathe”

Literary Mama,“Kindergarten Pick-Up”

Emerge Literary Journal“Sometimes It’s a Pin Prick”

Fifth Wednesday Journal“At the Auditorium”


Non-fiction book: Limbu Folklore: the collection and translation of oral folklore from the Limbu people of Nepal. Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi, India. 2004

Chapbook: Searching AnaNovel Excerpt, Winner of The New School Chapbook Award Series. Forward by contest judge, Dennis Cooper.

Collaborative Middle Grade Book: The Great CT Caper, written by 12 CT authors and illustrated by 12 CT artists.  CT Humanities Council


  • Individual Artist Fellowship Award in Fiction 2018, Connecticut Office of the Arts
  • Creative Community Fellow, 2019, National Arts Strategies
  • Pushcart Prize Nomination“At the Auditorium,” Fifth Wednesday Journal
  • Sarabande Books' Mary McCarthy Prize in Fiction"Searching Ana", Top Finalist
  • The Dana Awards for the Novel"In Other Kinds of Weather", Semi-Finalist, Novel Manuscript
  • Chapbook Award in Fiction, "Searching Ana", The New School, NYC, Novel Manuscript
  • Glimmer Train's Very Short Fiction Contest,  top 25 winner
  • Whidbey Writers Contest in Novel"Searching Ana"Semi-Finalist, Novel Manuscript
  • William Faulkner-Wisdom Competition in Novel, "In Other Kinds of Weather", Finalist, Novel Manuscript,
  • PetrochorZine Reprint Award"Marionette", Short-Listed
  • Wesleyan Writer's Conference, Full Scholarship
  • BreadLoaf Writers' Conference
  • Sewanee Writers' Conference

Novel Manuscripts:

In Other Kinds of Weather, literary fiction (80,000 words): In the quiet upscale suburb of Oakville, Illinois, the Willis family is headed towards disaster. Frank Willis has been laid off from his job at marketing company in Chicago and his wife has checked in to an exclusive mental health facility to help with her crippling depression. Meanwhile, their daughter ends up in the hospital with a broken leg and their son is being held at the police station on cash bail for selling marijuana. Frank Willis, one evening, after all other options fail, decides to rob the local jewelry store to save his family from financial ruin. Another resident of Oakville, Sara-jean Barker, a marriage counselor whose husband recently abandoned her, is struggling to raise her five-year-old daughter alone. Longing for help, Sara-jean hires the widow to the recently deceased owner of Zelasko' Jewelers. When Sara-jean, Fay, and Frank's paths collide one fateful evening on the night of Frank’s attempted robbery, an unexpected twist occurs putting each character to the test of their lifetime. IN OTHER KINDS OF WEATHER examines the cloaked normalcy of suburban life and questions how well we truly know what is going on behind our neighbors’ doors. How far would you go to save the ones you love?

Searching Ana, literary fiction (80,000 words): Set two decades apart, ANNA HILL and LOU HAYES set off on parallel searches to find missing people as they scour the urban corners of Chicago looking for their lost loves. Anna Hill, a twelve-year-old girl in the mid-80’s, pines after the boy next door who has mysteriously returned to his family after having been missing for the past five years. However, when it is discovered that he is an imposter and not actually the missing child, the boy runs away in the middle of the night. Ana, in attempt to flee her own broken family and reunite with the boy, sets off on a mission to find out who he really is. In 2000, Lou, a mentally unstable groundskeeper for the Chicago Parks Department meets Anna and quickly falls madly in love. But after Anna moves into his garden-level apartment, she leaves for work one day and never returns. Anna’s disappearance creates a psychological unraveling in Lou as he embarks on a desperate search to find her. As we follow Anna and Lou on their searches, we learn of the dark and hidden truths as their paths gradually intersect. SEARCHING ANNA shines a questioning light on how well we can truly know one another. What happens when what you've been searching for is ultimately not what you have been seeking?


Non-Fiction Manuscript: Poetry on the Streets/Essential Voices from the Pandemic: a collection of original poems written by everyday passersby along with their photographs, and writings from people during the pandemic. 

Forward printed in published chapbook by contest judge and author, Dennis Cooper, for winning novel excerpt, Searching Anna. 

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